the Policy

ポリシー 1990

The possibilities of Ultrasonic is unlimited in modern technology.
Ultex has been developing advanced technology in the field of "Ultrasonic Metal Bonding" and "Ultrasonic Soldering" to suit our customer's needs.
Ultex steadies and establishes the High-power Ultrasonic as the new major technical method.
We are strongly hoping this new method will innovate in Assembly Technology and contribute to the Prevention of Environmental Destruction as well as Energy Conservation.since 1990

the Mission

ミッション 2020

Bonding theory [SoundPower for Space] realizes [Simple & Easy Processing]

There are some assembling methods in manufacture field. [Bolt tightening] is mechanical method. [Resistance welding] is electrical method. [Soldering] uses heat energy directly, and [Laser beam] uses light energy. But we can hardly find reliable technology except bolt tightening. Ultrasonic was always expected as a last resort of the difficult case to assemble, but unfortunately reproducibility was insufficient. Technical problems haven’t been solved for 60 years until this day since ultrasonic was found in 20th century. As a result, opinion such as “ultrasonic is not useful method” was generalized between customers who introduced ultrasonic.

Then Ultex has spent time since 1990 for 30 years to conduct further study about unexplored energy “sound” which got left behind by history and finally we could raise sound to “useful technology level”. Now in 21st century, [SoundPower] which widened range of applied technology while range of the frequency was extended without limiting to ultrasonic, was recognized as major method and it spread. SoundPower was adopted for [LIB], [Flip-chip bonding], [NiMH batteries], [Power module] and so on. Day by day SoundPower has been proved as important technology which supports basic structure of Japanese industry by achievement of mass-production that there are no troubles.

SoundBonding of <soldered, tin-plated or galvanized parts> which were concluded as absolutely impossible field so far, became possible to use. Moreover also <bonding of steel> became possible. In the future, we will move forward with getting achievement of massproduction such as <bonding of different materials> between metal, ceramics and etc. and <3D hermetic bonding>. Also we have progressed with development of cutting technology in parallel with bonding technology for 30 years. Diamond particles which is the hardest material in the universe, are attached to blade which rotates at high speed. Potential of blade increases by applying motion energy of longitudinal wave to atoms of diamond particles. Application tech. of SPS will accelerate towards, <cutting technology> destroys targets which collide at super fast accelerated speed. We have already established technology which can cut difficult-to-grinding materials SiC as one of the technological examples which can cut materials easily.

By innovative technology which make the impossible possible, Ultex can realize ideal manufacture field with [Simple] material composition and [Easy processing]
Energy source to use SoundPower is only [Sound]!
Use of clean energy can contribute to solve [environmental and energy problems] so much



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