For 30 years in preparation for drastic social change in 21st century

The company policy set in 1990 which is the year of establishment, “contribution to environmental and energy issues” and Ultex that electricity certainly flows become
important more and more with expansion of electric energy utilization in 21st century.

Now produced by Ultex is essential for [Lithium Ion batteries (it led Dr.Yoshino to receiving a Nobel prize later)] which were mass produced for the first time in the world
and mass production of [car batteries used in hybrid car PRIUS] and more.

Diffusion of next-generation cutting edge technologies by Ultex that has been advancing development as over 30 years for automotive, semiconductors, electrical and electronic, electric industries and other> is being accelerated in the world with globalization.

You who can work on a global scale while contributing to the “manufacture” in the world’s decarbonized society with which is produced in the local area but is not local business are cool, aren’t you?

The opportunities are limitless if you are interested. We welcome your application.

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