This sound bonding technology is the technology that interatomic bond in space is accomplished at room temperature in atmosphere by SoundPower.
This technology is for bonding between different materials such as Copper, metals such as Steel, inorganic materials such as ceramics and more.
The metal bonding problems in mass production of Lithium Ion batteries can be solved by SoundPower technology.

Bonding Features

  1. No damages and bonding method with the lowest electric resistance value
  2. Only sound in atmosphere,“SoundPower” is needed as energy for bonding
  3. Alloy bonding or Ingot-bonding at bonding interface
  4. Diffusion bonding technology which is capable of pressurization and new method which is alternative to spot welding and laser welding
  5. No voids at bonding interface
  6. Hydrogen embrittlement can be prevented
  7. No dendrite(No whisker) because of no residual stress at bonding interface
  8. Bonding of plated Steel plates is also possible

Sound ribbon bonder

Bonding of 100 multi-layer foil at once without contamination

Bonding of SS400



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