Sound cutting technology is the technology that interatomic cutting in space is accomplished in atmosphere and water by SoundPower. This is the multi-cutting technology which covers from difficult-to-cut materials such as SiC and more to metals and resin.

We break common sense of cutting technology until now

For example, in semiconductor field, to cut materials such as Silicon wafer using diamond particles which is crushed and drop out called has been common sense until now. But facility expansion is required with production expansion. As a result, in reality, it is [wasteful production process] to consume blades.
As Ultex’s basic idea about “manufacture”, we rationalize by increasing production efficiency and efficiency of back-end process with production expansion in innovative technology.
By pursuing cutting process of soft・hard・difficult-to-cut materials in the theme of SoundCutting and using SoundPower, the cutting innovative elemental technology has been put in
practical use.

  1. No self-sharpening and wear of blade is infinitely close to zero
  2. No need of blade dressing
  3. Non growing built-up edge and prevention of clogging
  4. Yield rate 100%
  5. Minimum chipping
  6. High speed cutting
  7. No damages to cutting parts
  8. It is possible to cut with a little water and no need of grinding fluid or coolant

High speed cutting of SiC at 20mm/sec



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